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The Ratzinger brothers at their parents’ and sister’s graves: Image source More at this thread

…in Philadelphia: Cardinal Justin Rigali is calling together hundreds of priests in the Philadelphia Archdiocese to hear from two people who were sexually abused by Roman Catholic clerics. The priests will meet at a seminary, where they’ll be addressed by […]

Democratic candidate for Senator from PA, Robert Casey, Jr, is speaking at Catholic University in DC tomorrow, and some are not happy: "The university is clearly taking sides and has no business doing this in one of the most important […]

Late last week, the news came down that the Vatican had approved a new French group, at this point composed of priests who had left the SSPX, the main breakaway Traditionalist group (and they will argue to the death with […]

Terry Mattingly on the building frenzy: The faithful have been sweating ever since Jim Dale, the voice behind the U.S. audio-book editions, claimed that the author had told him Harry would die. Then Rowling stunned British television viewers by revealing […]

POPE ENJOYS PRIVATE TIME AFTER SLAMMING ISLAM All in a day’s work…of the press missing the point, that is.

A Guardian story that just might show us one more time, how little we know… You’ve got to read this (thanks to the proprietor of the PostWatch Blog, for sending it) The drug zolpidem – sold as Ambien in this […]

Today is the feast of St. John Chrysostom. (For Roman Catholics. The Orthodox celebrate his feast on November 13) Mike Aquilina gets us started, and here is the article from the OrthodoxWIki site – a wikipedia site by and for […]

Freed Monday in Iraq: Fr Saad Hanna Sirop, the Chaldean Catholic priest freed Monday evening after 27 days in captivity, “was threatened and tortured”, another Iraqi priest, a fellow student, told AsiaNews. “He is really tired and exhausted. He was […]

The pope’s address upon blessing the organ at the Alte Kapelle in Regensburg An important contribution to the renewal of sacred music in the nineteenth century was made by a canon of this collegiate church, Carl Joseph Proske. Gregorian chant […]