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The text of the Pope’s homily at the ecumenical celebration of Vespers in the Regensburg cathedral: We are gathered here – Orthodox Christians, Catholics and Protestants – to sing together the evening praise of God. At  the heart of this […]

The Pope’s lecture (this is said to be a "provisional text" – I assume he went off book at times, as he usually does – at the Univeresity of Regensburg. The text also says he will provide footnotes later. I […]

Blogger Kevin Jones was at Archbishop Chaput’s recent town hall meeting on immigration and has some nits to pick with the report I blogged earlier: Now for my take: First, the Archbishop was very intellectually modest. He acknowledged that bishops […]

TIME on Curial changes: It’s a decent piece, refreshingly devoid of ill-informed editorializing…and perhaps, at last, we might be getting past the deep temptation to speak of the papacy in American political terms or make the stereotype of "God’s Rottweiler" […]

The competition for "Worst Catholic or Anglican Bishop" is tight, but the Anglican Archbishop of Harare, cancelled Sunday Services in his country so that everyone could celebrate his wedding anniversary, so he wins this month. The Anglican Bishop of Harare […]

I’ve not read this book, but Michael worked on it – after hesitating initially at the concept, simply because of the potential for fatuousness, as well as various objections to the subject , but he found the work to be […]

Two stories on Catholics lending a hand to women and their babies: In Virginia, an infant’s brief life inspires: Paul Stefan was born and died on Dec. 13, 2005. The son of developer Randy James of Spotsylvania County and his […]

Archbishop Chaput of Denver is traveling around his see, talking about immigration: The crowd sat on folding chairs while immigrants listened in with translation headsets as Chaput, speaking under a 25-foot portrait of Our Lady of Guadalupe, opened by explaining […]

Just ran across this piece in the Toronto Star gauging reactions to the Pope’s address to the Ontario bishops on their ad limina visit last week. Donna Marie Kennedy, president of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association, says students in […]

Readers might recall a dust-up from this past summer in which DePaul University in Chicago sold some property: Vincentians at DePaul, in response to a minor dispute with the City of Lake Forest Illinois over a parking garage, decided that […]