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TIME’s photo essay on preachers of the prosperity gospel, then and now. Well, not just the "gospel," for Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh is mentioned – although I will say that my impression of Rajneesh was never that he taught that his […]

…in the flesh (Time changes some things – but not Fr. Georg’s forelock!) And in the Spirit. Benedict and his brother, Fr. Georg Ratzinger, praying at the baptismal font in which they were both baptized, in the Church of St. […]

EVERY time I post one of these "sources say" from the European press, I get burned. But oh, let’s have a go: THE Pope has sounded out Hans Tietmeyer, the former head of the Bundesbank, to become head of the […]

Bill Howard, editor of the diocesan paper for Colorado Springs, is in Germany, covering the visit.

Congratulations to blogger/writer Danielle Bean on the birth of her eighth child!

Then and now, from Christianity Today: September 11, 2001, is frequently compared to December 7, 1941, as a day that will "live in infamy." But a more appropriate analogy might be August 24, 410, when the city of Rome was […]

A neighbor remembers an early childhood trauma: Teresa, 82, remembers how young Joseph Ratzinger would dash out of his family’s house and press his nose against the window of the shop across the road. "He was looking at a teddy […]

Vatican Radio report on Vespers from the Basilica of St. Anne The reporter reports that Benedict left the episcopal ring he wore as Archbishop of Munich at the base of the Black Madonna statue, which had been brought into the […]

The Sounds of 9/11 – Peggy Noona’s column on last words of love and acceptance. New life in a time of despair and confusion Finally, 2,996 – a blog-burst of remembrances of the victims – bloggers chose one person to […]

Click on all photos for captions and credit. Click here for lots more photos. The Pope prayed in the Chapel of the Miraculous Image, offered Mass in the square, then led a procession with the Blessed Sacrament and the Madonna […]