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Gerald has translated the lovely homily that Benedict gave at Vespers in the Munich cathedral, with a crowd of children gathered around: Dear parents! I want to heartily invite you to help your children believe and to accompany them on […]

From Kentucky: a historic structure restored: It’s considered the oldest existing Catholic building in the Midwest, an 18th-century log house where the first frontier seminarians studied, where the first bishop in Kentucky lived and where an order of nuns began […]

Well, not a single translation of anything has been posted at the Vatican website. Update: Gerald at Closed Cafeteria has a complete translation. The Mass, from a Catholic News Agency report: In his Homily the Holy Father challenged his fellow […]

The neighborhood sort of stray cat (whom I think has been adopted by the neighbors) walks by the picture window in our living room. He’s got something in his mouth – a chipmunk. And as the cat strides by, content […]

The Vatican Radio reports….

Gerald Augustus of Closed Cafeteria translates part of an article from Der Spiegel about shifting views in Germany: But, the year 2005 showed a sea change in the relationship of society and Church. That’s at least how the dignitaries of […]

I loved it when the President kept greeting him "heilige fater" with such fondness and respect. He almost seemed to sing it. It reflects what so many of us feel in our hearts towards this man who gives us such […]

As he’s sitting next to me on the couch, watching me blog the Pope: "The only thing I didn’t like about Rome was the breakfast he brung us every morning…" "He" being his daddy, not the Pope. Joseph didn’t much […]

Meets with President Koehler and family: Mass: (250,000 is the estimate) Angelus: Next…Vespers. (11:30 Eastern – watch either on the Vatican feed or EWTN)

Pope’s parents met through personal ad, German paper says: Bild am Sonntag said 43-year-old Joseph Ratzinger senior placed an advertisement as a "low-level civil servant" seeking "a good Catholic girl, who can cook and sew a bit … to marry […]