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Either someone is totally stupid or desperately bored at work. H/T and thanks to reader John. Guess who?

I’ve finally read Fallen Order by Karen Liebreich. I had put it off because although the subject interested me very much, I thought the story she tells – how sexual abuse impacted the early years of the Piarist Order – […]

Archdiocese of Milwaukee case: Peter Isely, Midwest director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, saw the California settlements as a way to avoid having retired Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland have to reveal more details about his actions […]

This will be the story over the next few days, as the Pope gathers with his former students at Castel Gandalfo for a reunion seminar on the topic (last year the topic was Islam) This year the seminar– devoted to […]

A Boston Magazine article on Cardinal Law’s life in Rome. The article attempts to claim that Law is exerting great "influence" in Rome  mostly because he sits on 8 dicasteries, but the solid evidence is rather thin. Law’s continued sway […]

An article about a statue of Christ that stands in Johns Hopkins: Ever since it was erected in 1896, “Christus Consolator” has been a source of inspiration, hope and consolation for countless patients, doctors, students and visitors of all faiths […]

The Monastic Communities of Jerusalem have been given the traditionally French parish in Rome, located at the top of the Spanish Steps: The Holy See and the city of Rome agreed to assign the care of the historic church, at […]

In the Archdiocese of New Olreans, uninsured losses are high: The estimate of uninsured flood damage to the archdiocese’s 1,274 buildings now stands at $120 million, far more than the $84 million the archdiocese estimated in the spring, when it […]

Magister reprints an interview with a China observer: The interview is with Fr. Gianni Criveller, of the Pontifical Institute of Foreign Missions. He is one of the leading experts on China, lives in Hong Kong, and is one of the […]

In her latest ZENIT column, art historian Elizabeth Lev takes on the director of the Vatican Museum’s statement that he’d like to include a Picasso in the collection. She wonders why, suggests some possibilities, and then, inspired by the Feast […]