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My son David has been here all week, having returned the Peru trip with Katie, and driven them down from the Detroit airport on Monday. He’s going back to VA tomorrow morning, then moving into his own apartment down there on Sunday, then going to England in a couple of weeks. So…today, his last day will be filled with harvesting the house for household goods to give him (He keeps saying…do you really want to give this to me? And I keep telling him: You don’t get it. The Mom gives the kid the old stuff, and the Mom gets new stuff. It’s a nice system.), and then helping him make his housing arrangements for the first couple of weeks in England (after which he says he’s going to wander the British Isles for a couple of more weeks). Plus I have a writing job that was due, er…yesterday, and I need to finish it.

Light blogging today.

And if anyone has contact information for The Sisters of St. Vincent or the Sisters of Malta convents in London, send ’em my way. Someone is supposed to be sending them to me, but I don’t know if she’ll be able to get to it before David leaves. Covering all bases here!

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