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By Bishop Vasa of Baker, Oregon:

He’s going to sub for priests with a widely-spread out parish responsibilities, giving them a break:

Since the rectory there is largely uninhabited, I can move in without inconveniencing anyone. My presence there for three weekends allows the two priests at Nyssa to be given a bit of a break from the more than 90-mile weekly one-way trip and does allow them to alternate their own vacations without canceling Masses or seeking another substitute. Thus, while taking my own vacation, I can at the same time be of service to these priests.

Since the people in this remote corner of the diocese do not have the benefit of a full-time priest, it is my hope that my presence there, however brief, does let them know that I have not forgotten them and that I am concerned about the well being of the parishes. If the truth be known, the strongest draw is the fact that there is a body of parishioners there whom I genuinely like and enjoy. Even though I do not socialize a whole lot while I am there on vacation, I do like the folks there, and I do want to be of service to them. My life, at least in intention, is given over in service to the people of God. I do try very hard not to reserve anything for myself, and I am happiest and most “fulfilled” when I am living the life of a priest, a life most aptly described as “the life of a man-for-others.”

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