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A brand new Catholic church:

Well, who allowed this to happen? Someone fell asleep on the watch, I do believe. Dick Vosko…call your office.

St. James Catholic Church in Charles Town, West Virginia.

A news article about the procession in which articles from the old church were carried to this new structure, to be dedicated on Tuesday.

During Sunday’s procession, church members gathered outside the old church at 311 S. George St., following the last service at the church.

Church members then began their long walk to the new church, carrying statues, items from the altar and the Eucharist to their new home.

One of the items was a large crucifix which held a practically life-size sculpture of Jesus Christ.

The sculpture was separated from the crucifix and was being carried by a group of young people.

"Some of these objects will take a couple of people to carry," said John Sherwood, a church volunteer and coordinator of the dedication.

The procession was draped in formality.

David Galvin, a deacon at St. James, carried a monstrance, which is a gold vessel for carrying the body of Christ. Galvin walked under a canopy being carried by four men and the smell of incense wafted through the air as the party walked past.


Many of the church members participating in Sunday’s procession wore red clothing, which was to symbolize the blood of St. James.

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