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This weekend – your place. Maybe this gets old, but I never fail to be fascinated by it. The Gospel tomorrow is the multiplication of the loaves and the fishes from John, and somewhere, sometime tomorrow, a preacher is going […]

Michael is starting to work on a new book – go read it and, if you have anecdotes to share, help him out.

An article in the NYSun about his low profile -which, if you compare it to Cardinal O’Connor is worth noting: When President Bush deployed the first veto of his presidency on a bill that would expand federal funding for embryonic […]

Wrap-up story from the Italian press on the end of the Pope’s vacation: Second year at Introd. First year as Pope. The question was obligatory: How do you feel just a little over a year since your election as Pope? […]

Nice story about the origins of a statue of Mary that is a Boston landmark: A 35-foot copper and bronze statue of the Madonna stands tall against the Boston skyline, its granite support structure and gold crown-like top visible from […]

As you might know, Mel Gibson was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving yesterday. A website claims today that Gibson, upon his arrest went into a profane, belligerent tirade laced with slurs about Jews. The site reproduces what is purported […]

..judge haults demolition of NYC church: The Committee to Save St. Brigid’s had gone to court on Thursday to ask for a stay on demolition, contending that the archdiocese had not properly convened a meeting of the church’s Board of […]

Mark Mossa, SJ, has a moving remembrance of a fellow Jesuit, whose own thoughts on his own dying are in the most recent issue of America, (not available online) – but Mark provides generous quotes. Talking is more and more […]

Some of you might remember that last year in Carey, Ohio, there was quite a bit of unpleasantness during the celebration of the Feast of the Assumption at the Our Lady of Consolation Shrine there. David Hartline of the Catholic […]

The folks at Requiem Press (whom we met in South Carolina in April – wonderful family!) are seeking reader input on a cover for an interesting book they’re publishing in the fall: In May 2006 Rev. Charles Curran came out […]