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Rocco’s reporting on what he’s hearing…considering Milingo is an archbishop who can, you know…ordain …yikes.

Archbishop Milingo’s Moonie Wedding set off a summer of high drama in the Italian media, ending with Milingo’s reconciliation with John Paul II, a more stringent oversight for the his activities, and his separation from Sung, who charged that the Vatican was holding the archbishop hostage.

Stallings married his wife, Sayomi, a former Moon aide, at the same 2001 Unification church ceremony in which Milingo and Sung went public with their union. The couple have two children, and the AACC head is said to have kept close ties with Moon.

In a seismic move, it’s being said that Milingo and Stallings are moving toward joining with Moon to form a Unification-backed Catholic group. Given Milingo’s valid episcopal orders (he was ordained a bishop by Paul VI) and Stallings’ record on the ordination of women and married men, to call the prospect a "mega-schism" in the making would be an understatement.

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