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Wrap-up story from the Italian press on the end of the Pope’s vacation:

Second year at Introd. First year as Pope. The question was obligatory: How do you feel just a little over a year since your election as Pope?

"I am starting to learn my job." Then he joins the newsmen in laughing at his own riposte.

It was a relaxed, rested and revitalized Benedict XVI who yestwerday afternoon, after 18 days of vacation, took leave of Les Combes, the locality in Introd where he returned this year
for his summer vacation, and where- everyone here hopes – he will return again next year.

This vacation was also a working holiday, the Pope said upon leaving. "Only with work is vacation worthwhile – without some work, it would not have been a good vacation."

And he said jestingly, "This time in the mountains has been too short. And now we must get back to work. But gradually…"

Neither was this a holiday that meant detachment from problems. One can even say that the news – especially that coming from the Middle East – occupied much of the thoughts, the concerns and the prayers of the Holy Father at Les Combes.

At the moment of leaving, the Pope reiterated: "Our principal instrument is prayer. Of course, we do not raise our voice only to God but also to men. We will not keep silent. We will do what is possible to reach the ears of those in power."

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