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A series of blasts on commuter trains, killing scores…Catholic blogger Gashwin Gomes is in India now:

I am still numb from shock at what has transpired in my beloved Bombay. Bombay is in my bones. This is heartbreaking. Like having something ripped out of your soul. And, oh Lord! I’m so angry!

I recall that spring day back in 1993 with crystal clarity. We were leaving college, and I looked up to the left and saw a plume of black smoke darkening the sky, from th Stock Exchange. Ambulances and fire engines screaming up Mahapalika Marg. The gaping hole in the Air India building. The crater at Century Bazaar. It’s what immediately came to mind when I first heard about 9/11. And Madrid. And London. It’s etched in the brain, hard-wired. Heart beat increasing. Adrenalin pumping. This is terror. This is the power of evil. An ordinary day stained red. Life twisted and broken and shattered.

Besides the good links Gashwin provides, keep an eye on AsiaNews for reactions and statements from Catholic leaders.

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