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A reader let me know that Colbert was tres Catholique last night. I’m working on watching parts of it (I have a hard time getting stuff to download from Comedy Central, so I search elsewhere). Bill Donohue’s interview (about 9 […]

Will undergo cancer surgery tomorrow.

He has many current Lebanon links, as well as a lot of photos of various Catholic churches in India, with informative descriptions. Right next to Buckley Court is the Archbishops’ Residence, in that characteristic dark-grey Deccan basalt, with the spires […]

Jesuit historian John O’Malley reflects on the observations of one of St. Ignatius of Loyola’s contemporaries:   Luis Goncalves da Camara, for instance, left behind a kind of diary, written over the span of about six months in 1555, in […]

Well, CBA has wrapped up in Denver – no one from this house went this year – we usually don’t go unless it’s on the way to or near family (read: Atlanta or Orlando). And for me, going once every […]

Big props to the East Oklahoma Catholic, newspaper of the Diocese of Tulsa, which has done something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before: cover tensions and problems in the diocese. (pdf file) The issue is illegal immigration and how […]

…by Pope Benedict: Benedict XVI is full of hope on the eve of the international conference in Rome to seek a resolution of the current Israel-Lebanon conflict. Speaking once again to journalists on his return from his excursion of the […]