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Over the next two weeks or so, I’m immersing myself in a pretty big project for the Archdiocese for Military Services. It’s not complicated, but it’s a lot of work that has to be done quickly. I’m glad to do […]

First, Tony Snow "clarifies" the statement he made last week after the embryonic stem-cell veto President Bush does not consider stem cell research using human embryos to be murder, the White House said yesterday, reversing its description of his position […]

This past Sunday, the Archdiocese of Washington had a Mass for Peace in the Middle East – here is the text of Archbishop Wuerl’s homily. Let us renew our resolve — every member of this community — to do our […]

Reaching out on the Italian beaches: Backed by volunteers wearing red Baywatch-style T-shirts and calling themselves the Lifeguards of Jesus, Father Vito and another priest were on hand to offer penance and absolution from 10 at night until one in […]

Do go read the transcript of the US bishops’ discussion on the liturgy translation from June. It’s quite interesting. There was some confusion at the beginning as to what was being discussed and voted on, and after the "consubstantial" discussion […]