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The Newman Center at ASU planning an expansion: A 700-square-foot adoration chapel would be built near a courtyard creating an intimate prayer space, and there will be a student center for all campus ministry-related programs. Lucci said the decision to […]

If you have a tween or young teen daughter (or son, for all I know), you’ve probably heard of it. It’s a Disney film – made-for-tv, now on DVD – that has busted all kinds of charts. This Newsweek article […]

We all have our philosophies about entertaining children in the car. Mine is: Low Expectations. Not mine. Theirs. You see, I think if that you embark on a trip having informed the children that we must take lots of stuff […]

Perhaps you’ve been following the story of Father Fay, the Connecticut priest accused of misappropriating funds, acts suspected and investigated by the parish associate pastor and secretary, claiming the diocese would do nothing. Blogged here and then, last week, here. […]

A brief, yet rich essay in the WSJ today, on a family’s battles with doctors: complained about all the death-with-dignity pressure to my father’s doctor, an Orthodox Jew, who said that his religion forbids the termination of care but that […]