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From the Guardian, a review of a new bio of John Donne, by England’s Poet Laureate (the review, not the book) Books that emphasise the conflicts in Donne are hardly rarities. Paradoxes haunt the previously standard John Donne: A Life […]

Just posted at First Things, a review/essay of the recent spate of Theocracy’s-Around-the-Bend books by Ross Douthat. It’s excellent – he does us all a great favor by explaining just how all of these writers connect-the-theocratic-christianist-dots, in case you were […]

The Vox Clara Committee is composed of bishops from the English-speaking world. Its mandate is to advise the Congregation for Divine Worship on translations of liturgical texts into English. The Committee has been meeting in Rome this week, and has […]

Remember Damon Linker? The former First Things staffer who wrote that New Republic cover story on Fr. Richard John Neuhuas, The Absolutist? In which Neuhaus Threatens Your Freedom? (The article was much discussed here and at the American Scene, and […]

Sandro Magister interviews Domenico Bartolucci, long-time director of the papal choir in the Sistine Chapel, dismissed during the pontificate of John Paul Ii and, some say, subtly and symbolically brought back to the fore by Benedict. Q: What are the […]

Funniest: For my parents, the back seat didn’t exist on long road trips no matter how loud it got. Grossest: (Sandra Miesel, of course!) As far as boiling down bodies for shipment home, this was done with Thomas Aquinas. It […]

Beliefnet is running a debate/discussion between two of our friends, Peter Nixon (former independent blogger and now part of the dotCommonweal team blog) and Grant Gallicho (associate editor of Commonweal) Definitions take center stage at first, and I’m thinking this […]

Gerald of Closed Cafeteria is posting his grandfather’s photos here and here.

Presses EU about embryonic research: Germany pressed its EU partners to ban European funding for embryonic stem-cell research, a day after President George W. Bush vetoed a bill that would have expanded such work in the United States. "The European […]

Elizabeth Lev, in her regular ZENIT column, says the assumption is innacurate: At my own church of the Protomartyrs, the 10 a.m. Sunday Mass is standing room only and the other five Masses throughout the day are well attended. The […]