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Mel Gibson is wrapping up the filming of Apocalypto down in Mexico and is donating money to help build homes for folks down there. The 50-year-old director-actor will donate the money through the Rotary Club and Mexico’s family welfare agency, […]

Or, more properly, my father’s MYF, since he’s Methodist. CT weblog notes a conflict in Albany about a Methodist Church’s youth music night. Shut down for being an illegal nightclub, etc. But what struck me was the nature and lyrics […]

…imagination kicks in. It’s amazing. Over the past week, something has happened to Joseph’s 5-year old brain. He’s started weaving stories. With relish and great deliberation. A few days ago he reported that he had been to Jerusalem – he […]

This trip (when I’m not driving)…the reading is current issues of The New Yorker and Atlantic Monthly as well as this: The Man on the Donkey, H.F.M. Prescott’s historical novel of Reformation England. The Atlantic caught my eye because it […]

Two have come our way over the past day: First, a friend of Greg Burke, who has been the FoxNews Rome correspondent for a while, writes to note that he’s now reporting from Beirut. She writes to ask that we […]

A multi-faith video-on-demand service you might be interested in.

Reader Mary Gibson writes that she’s been asked to give a talk about the relics in her diocesan cathedral’s altars, but has a problem: Problem is, I’ve begun trying to do research on the identities of the various saints on […]

Go read Rocco’s blog for a post on a new exhibit in honor of John Paul II that’s being sponsored by the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati.

We’re in Terre Haute, on our way to St. Louis. We have a complicated next few days, here’s what’s up: I have a speaking gig in St. Louis Tuesday night. Michael was to fly from Indianpolis to Jacksonville for a […]