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They will reopen Wednesday night. If you try to comment, it will tell you that you are spam. PLEASE don’t write me and ask why!!!

In about a week, my son leaves for London. It’s not his first time in England. After his junior year in high school, he did the University of Dallas Thomas More in London study program. He liked it very much […]

A translation of a Sandro Magister blog note on the Legionaries of Christ since the Vatican’s penance given to their founder: Two months since the canonical decision from the Vatican on Marcial Maciel Degollado, 86-year-old founder of the Legionaries of […]

…but I’ve got one more photo of the Pope on vacation. I love this one because you can catch a detail in it that you can’t see so well in the other piano snap: Like many of us, he has […]

Is this an accurate representation of the Vatican (as in one statement from Sodano, and the Pope’s words during the Angelus yesterday) response to the situation so far? I think absolutely not. Your views? Source publicized on Malkin who on […]

A new generation of pilgrims hits Goa’s hippie trail – from the NYTimes. The first part of the article focuses on the decades-long hold of the place on alternative types, but then takes another turn: But Goa’s most authentic spiritual […]

Friday was Bastille Day…a couple of notes: Rick Garnett offers thoughts and links at Mirror of Justice A 2004 essay from Godspy on "Remembering the Vendee" (don’t know how to do accent marks – sorry) on the popular uprising against […]

A Connecticut paper looks at the recent financial outrages in Darien in the context of another, ten-year old case. (Refresher: In the Darien case, a parish pastor was suspected of financial hijinks by the parish bookkeeper and parochial vicar. They […]

Article from the Nashville Tennessean about a psychologist who investigates: Mario Martinez follows the trail of blood to one of the biggest mysteries in religion — the human capacity to produce stigmata, the "wounds of Christ" on the hands, feet […]

Christopher Blosser has a round-up of more commentary, to add to American Papist’s. Julie D. has a short list of bloggers from the Middle East whom she regularly reads.