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January 1, 1970 Archives

(While watching TV) (Exclaims in delight) John Garfield! (a minute later) (Puzzled) How old was Claude Rains in 1940, anyway? (FYI, last year, TMC came to our mall doing a Saturday afternoon of promotions, which featured trivia contests. Katie won […]

The American Papist gets us started. Powerline discusses a David Horowitz column: David Horowitz explains why the current war in the Middle East is a "moment of truth." The truths Horowitz cites, which won’t surprise Power Line readers, are these: […]

The LA Times on a project to restore the window’s in Shanghai’s Catholic cathedral, spearheaded by a California Jesuit and a Chinese artist. Being the cathedral, it is, of course, a Patriotic Association church, and the political aspect is definitely […]

Apparently on RAI (the national Italian TV network) today, after they broadcast the Angelus, they showed a little video of Pope on Vacation, walking around, writing, and, in a first, images of Ratzinger as Pope playing the piano: More here […]

Today at Les Combes, the Pope during the Angelus: Benedict XVI told the crowd of around 10,000 people who went up to Les Combes to participate in the Sunday Angelus: “The news coming from the Holy Land in recent days […]

A great story from Indianapolis about a most faithful disciple with a fascinating background: At 90, Lucious Newsom hitches up his blue bib overalls and climbs into his white van, preparing to continue his work as “the Lord’s beggar for […]

Regina Doman Schmiedicke has posted it. It’s so terribly sad, but suffused with faith, hope and love for a child. The last photograph on the page will break your heart. We pray for all those who have lost a child, […]

Here’s Get Religion’s roundup of religion coverage of the World Cup: Interesting stuff, including how a Full Gospel Church in NY utilized the tournament among South Korean adherants, and how the Christian and Muslim members of the Ghanian team played […]

And to a soccer game! Thousands of people wearing their Sunday best will flock today to the Home Depot Center, the site of a Major League Soccer game between Chivas USA and the Los Angeles Galaxy. Before a ball is […]

WaPo article on conscience conflicts between medical providers/personnel and patients: Many religious health workers find no conflict between their beliefs and their jobs. But others describe what amounts to a sense of siege, with the secular world increasingly demanding they […]