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The English translation is finally online, at the Vatican website. It is the same translation as in the USCCB version. via Pontifications. Is your Catholic high school requiring students to own a copy of the Compendium? If I were teaching…I […]

Just a word on this blog, for any newcomers: For the first couple of years of this blog, it was an all-news all the time kind of place, but then that naturally got the best of me, although I still […]

Worldwide and in the Church…violence, winds of war, liturgical questions and arguments (now there’s something new for you), and much more…but I’m still not done with my thing that was due on Wednesday, and I’m laboring under the burdens of […]

From the Vatican: Cardinal Secretary of State Angelo Sodano today made the following declaration on Vatican Radio:   "The news we are receiving from the Middle East is certainly worrying.   "The Holy Father Benedict XVI and all his collaborators […]