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Blogger Danielle Bean has an update, courtesy of a relative, on the family of Joshua Schmiedicke, son of Regina Doman Schmiedicke and Andrew Schmiedicke. There is report of the wake and funeral, and a suggestion for donations.  At the FoxNews […]

My son David has been here all week, having returned the Peru trip with Katie, and driven them down from the Detroit airport on Monday. He’s going back to VA tomorrow morning, then moving into his own apartment down there […]

The Vatican’s 2005 financial report was presented today: Cardinal Sergio Sebastiani, president of the Prefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See, announced this morning in a press conference on the Holy See consolidated financial statements for 2005 that […]

Here: La Santa Sede non ha ancora ricevuto notizie precise sulla finalità del viaggio negli Stati Uniti d’America di Mons. Emmanuel Milingo, già Arcivescovo di Lusaka in Zambia. In ogni caso se le dichiarazioni che gli vengono attribuite circa il […]

Translations of a couple of articles from the Italian press: More than an expression of any partiular policy line, Pope Benedict’s choices appear to have one thing in common: they have been dictated by the Pope’s personal confidence in individuals, […]

Painful story from the Toronto paper – a woman’s tale of her abortion after discovering her baby bore the triple X chromosonal abnormality. We could be, though. In many ways my 45-year-old husband and I could be perfect parents. We’re […]

Via Rod at the Crunchy Con blog, what soon-to-retire Bishop Grahmann most regrets about his tenure: If you could have changed anything during the last 16 years, what would that be and why? First of all, when I came here […]

A response. A more powerful one you could not ask for: When I think of the future for my child and her peers, it is not the rapist, the abuser, or the paedophile whom I fear.  It is the C […]

There was a Typepad Outage yesterday. I’m in the process of restoring posts. I don’t know if all the comments are still there or not.

"I’m having a Mass offered for your intentions – punk!" Michael W. Lewis, a Clevelandarea broker indicted last month on charges he conspired to bribe Terrence W. Gasper, the former chief financial officer at the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, […]