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January 1, 1970 Archives

Rocco’s reporting on what he’s hearing…considering Milingo is an archbishop who can, you know…ordain …yikes. Archbishop Milingo’s Moonie Wedding set off a summer of high drama in the Italian media, ending with Milingo’s reconciliation with John Paul II, a more […]

A series of blasts on commuter trains, killing scores…Catholic blogger Gashwin Gomes is in India now: I am still numb from shock at what has transpired in my beloved Bombay. Bombay is in my bones. This is heartbreaking. Like having […]

On the trip from Knoxville to Florida I read this – a history of the Dust Bowl. It’s very good – for those already familiar with the period, there’s probably not much that’s new – but for the rest of […]

De-coding DVC has been translated into 9 languages, I think (including my favorite, Thai), and the other DVC-related books I’ve done have been translated into other languages as well. I’m not sure if I’ve got all of them here or […]

Today is the memorial of St. Benedict, patron of Europe. (and of many other things) (Pope Benedict begins his summer vacation today – coincidence or celebration – you decide) (More photos of the Pope’s arrival in Les Combes here. and […]

In Tikkun, a Methodist pastor on the faculty of Fordham takes on Benedict’s first year: As Pope, he has reiterated that Europe’s unity is based on its “indispensable Christian roots.” To skeptics, Pope Benedict’s argument for cultural purity is dangerously […]

The Richmond Diocese point/counterpoint Catholic blogs make the papers.

Polish priest admits spying: A leading Catholic priest in Poland, where the late Polish Pope John Paul II championed resistance under communism, said on Tuesday he had for 24 years spied on dissidents and clerics for communist secret services. Allegations […]

Joaquin Novarro Valls has resigned/retired (as expected) and has been replaced with A JESUIT! From Opus Dei to a Jesuit – it’s back to the old days of long-tentacled power players! Kidding. Kidding. Is he waiting for the 40 Express? […]

and someone else tries to grab your papacy… Dissent in Egypt: Egypt’s Coptic pope has sought to reassure his followers upon returning from a trip abroad that raised concerns over his health and saw a dissident bishop trying to set […]