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January 1, 1970 Archives

Magister’s latest: But the anti-Christian act that provoked the greatest outrage was, on June 25, the aggression against four sisters of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, in a hospital of the Hindu temple town of Tirupati, in Andra Pradesh, a state […]

Pope planning document? According to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, “Pope Benedict is preparing a document on bioethics, biogenetics and in particular, on the protection of the embryo." The Pope wishes to prevent any manipulation of the human embryo on […]

Lots of news on that front, of course. John Allen has background, in what used to be the "Word from Rome" but is now "All Things Catholic," reflecting the fact that Allen will no longer be full-time in Rome, but […]

Back in Knoxville for the night, before heading off early tomorrow morning for the Fort, which I have not seen in two weeks. Everyone else is asleep – I’m up waiting for Christopher, who is, on his part, returning from […]