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January 1, 1970 Archives

The latest twist in the conversation, on the pop culture front.

Fr. Neuhaus has a post highlighting the group and articles from their recent proceedings.

Christopher Blosser has one of his monstrous, amazing round-ups of Pope news!

Good Counsel Homes, the wonderful ministry for pregnant moms and their babies, needs some financial help.

From a reader: My husband and I have just spent ten days in Beijing. A few months ago I blegged for advice from your readers about Mass attendance in mainland China, and following a suggestion there, we asked our pastor […]

Blogger Kevin Jones has the details on his parish’s battle.

Well, our internet puzted out as of the last post – what was that, Wednesday? So I’m sitting here at the dreaded Starbucks, there being no Panera Bread anywhere on Anastasia Island – trying to clear 100+ emails before Michael […]