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January 1, 1970 Archives

Moving on to the Apostle John: A model and lesson of “frankness in confessing one’s faith”, setting it above “all costs or human interests”, John was the apostle at the heart of the reflection of Benedict XVI to around 20,000 […]

Croatian monastery gets ship: A World War II Nazi ship has been donated to a Roman Catholic monastery by the Croatian government to be turned into a sailing church. According to reports, the landing ship DTM-219 was used by Nazi […]

A Times (UK) article on the York Mystery Plays, about to be performed again: York was holding such performances as early as 1376. Usually they were on the feast of Corpus Christi, which falls on the first Thursday after Trinity […]

…in Britain. Ruth Gledhill reports in the Times: THE Roman Catholic Church in Britain is facing its greatest threat since the Reformation, according to research. Over three decades Mass attendance has slumped by 40 per cent, baptisms by 50 per […]