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January 1, 1970 Archives

Scroll way, way down on this Papa Ratzinger Forum thread and check out the brief report that according to an Italian media report, the Compendium of the Catechism has sold 2 million copies in Italy in the year since its […]

Parishioners of closing parish sue.. Members of the closed St. James Catholic Church, whose 10-month, around-the-clock prayer vigil was unceremoniously halted by the Toledo diocese in March, have filed a lawsuit against the diocese and Bishop Leonard Blair seeking control […]

Dave Andrusko of National Right to Life News writes about a new book: The book is Surprise Child: Finding Hope in Unexpected Pregnancy, by Leslie Leyland Fields. In all the hundreds of related books I’ve read, never have I encountered […]

Over at "Singing in the Reign," Michael Barber has a post up about a pastor who’s given his all to transform a parish. Good news abounds…when we look for it. (And share it – thanks Michael!) I could go on […]

A couple of days late on this one.. Supreme Court declines to hear pro-life license tag case A federal judge had found that Tennessee’s tag wrongly promoted only one side of the abortion debate, but the decision was overturned by […]

Albert Mohler summarizes and comments on Annie Lamott’s latest LA Times piece, which contains a confession: Writing in the June 25, 2006 edition of The Los Angeles Times, Lamott begins with these words: "The man I killed did not want […]

Intriguing – a new documentary film about St. Francis Xavier. Fourth Week Films and the New Orleans Province of the Society of Jesus present Xavier, a new PBS-style documentary film on the life of the famed 16th-century Jesuit missionary Francis […]

Christopher Johnson provides a succint intro to ECUSA (TEC?) events of the day. In short, the dioceses of Pittsburgh, San Joaquin, and South Carolina requested alternative primatial oversight. One of the largest Episcopal churches in the United States, located in […]

Today’s the memorial of St. Irenaeus, who, in the second century, successfully repressed the real story of Jesus because he didn’t like it and was desperate to hide the real story of Mary Magdalene, Queen of the Sacred Feminine. Oh, […]

A documentary on a sexually abusive cleric debuts in LA: Former Roman Catholic priest Oliver O’Grady, convicted in 1993 on four counts of lewd and lascivious acts on minors, granted filmmaker Amy Berg unlimited access. During the film, O’Grady details […]