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I have been hoping to pull together a decent "new translation" post for a few days, but it’s not happening. Oh, it might…give me a few more days. But until then…take a look at this post from Benedictine Fr. Stephanos. […]

More on the Arroyo meeting: Well done," Pope Benedict XVI told Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as she handed him a copy of the law she recently signed outlawing the death penalty in the Philippines. At the end of a June […]

More Spanish martyrs on the road to canonization: Today in Rome, Pope Benedict XVI opened the cause of Beatification for 149 Spaniards killed during the Spanish Civil War. Below are the names of the martyrs, who today are called “Servants […]

Many Catholic engaged couples have taken the FOCCUS test as part of marriage prep. Sister Barbara Markay developed that test, and was employed by the Diocese of Omaha’s Family Life Office. She was let go a few months ago, and […]

Several music-related notes: Fr. Martin Fox had one more post last week from the Sacred Music Colloquium in DC. Jeffrey Tucker has a wrap-up post at New Liturgical Movement on the Colloquium. Read the comments as well. The conference was […]

In Touchstone, Austin Ruse contemplates the mysteries of John Allen Allen has achieved something remarkable, though, and that is genuine dialogue among sometimes competing voices in the church. He has written often about the lamentable factions among the faithful, each […]

Cool Big Brother #1 brings you every single Burger King Superman toy, samples that his store received (it’s a store that doesn’t do Kids’ meals). Every single one. They just kept coming out of the backpack, one after the other, […]

Mass this past Sunday was a rather interesting experience. And in a good way. The church is old and un-renovated  – even the altar rail remains. The long-time pastor of the church before his death several years ago was a […]

Superman Returns director Bryan Singer talks about his movie to Christianity Today: The guys who created Superman were Jewish, so I don’t think they intended him to be a Christ figure, but he seems to have kind of become that […]

A story from the Globe about final Masses at a couple of now-closed parishes.