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Via Papa Ratzinger Forum, a link to an "official song" for the Pope’s apostolic visit to Regensburg in September Here’s the link – scroll down to "Live-Mitschnitt" to hear the song. Also over at the Forum, hop between various forum […]

Catholic demographics in the US, present and future: Catholic Latinos will likely increase to 40 million in 2025, more than triple the 13 million in 1990. Total growth in the U.S. Catholic population will amount to 29 million by 2025. […]

This article is from a Swiss news agency, but that problem of language and definitions remains: Women have been ordained Catholic priests in the past. In 2002, a group of seven women from Germany, Austria and the US entered the […]

Knoxville! Yes, we’re here, until late this next week, at which point we will head down to Florida. It’s also Christopher’s last couple of weeks here in K-town, as he finishes up his last 4 hours of classes and then […]

…and breastfeeding. An interesting post from Mike Aquilina, with a link to a pertinent article from a Russian Orthodox writer.

From New Advent…the great folks who bring you the Catholic Encyclopedia and loads of other stuff!

The calendar of saints commemorates holy ones mostly on the dates of their deaths, with two exceptions. The births of Mary, the Mother of Jesus and John the Baptist are both remembered, in addition to other feasts. From today’s Office […]

Our Indiana saint, Blessed Mother Theodore Guerin will have her canonization formally declared a week from today: The Vatican today announced the date for a ceremony that will pave the way for the canonization of Mother Theodore Guerin, the 19th […]