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San Pio e Carol Wojtyla Originally uploaded by Smeerch. I ran across it on Flickr…I gather that it’s in Andria, Italy, and it’s Padre Pio and John Paul II. But what’s GOING ON in this piece?

Gerald at Closed Cafeteria has the scoop

From the UK Tablet, an article about a parish in Liverpool that’s helping a special group of asylum seekers: Fr Peter and Margaret Kane are a part of MRANG, the Merseyside Refugee and Asylum Seekers Pre- and Post-Natal Support Group, […]

From the Papa Ratzinger Forum, various articles: just go here and scroll around – I don’t know how to link individual posts, or even if you can) From ASCA, an Italian news agency: With Bertone’s nomination, following his encyclical on […]

An unsolicited suggestion for those charged with implementing the not-yet-even finalized new translation of the Order of the Mass: Be honest and direct, and make these points: 1) What we pray in English is a translation of the Latin, the […]

Allen on the Bertone appointment: The logic for Bertone’s appointment, aside from his personal connection to the pope, is no doubt that he can ensure that concerns of Catholic identity trump the logic of compromise that is often the stuff […]

From the mysterious "Holy Office" Very funny and true. Just a couple of notes: 1)I am done with holding Protestant preaching up as a model, and I honestly have my doubts as to whether, as a whole, Protestant preaching is […]

A couple of articles from the Italian press, courtesy of our wonderful, helpful and enthusiastic friends at the Papa Ratzinger Forum: First, on his leavetaking from Genoa, scroll down to a couple of posts at the end of the thread […]

A great Get Religion post, in the tradition of the "crow’s ear" of the Pope and the "assault ministry" of Jerry Falwell. With a UT connection, as well, so of course I had to send it to my oldest.

Jen Ambrose is back from her China adventures, and if you didn’t read the last couple of weeks of posts, go catch up. Take to time to read her account of Corpus Christi Mass in Hong Kong. Oh, and since […]