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January 1, 1970 Archives

(click on photos for captions and credits) More photos CNS story: Each Catholic has the "weighty charge" of living the Gospel and unfolding "its implications for the issues and circumstances of our time," said Archbishop Wuerl in his homily during […]

Jody Bottum reprints an email of a friend, on the firing of a Maryland official: Earlier this week, Robert L. Ehrlich, the Republican governor of Maryland, abruptly removed from office one of his appointees to the board of directors of […]

At First Things today, Fr. Neuhaus has commentary on a new book on St. Peter’s Basilica (a book which Michael reportedly has somewhere and is reading) and some reflections of his own: On my first viewing of St. Peter’s many […]

Captain Yips posts a helpful summary of the "Piskie Wars" up to this point, with links, explanations and begins this way: I’m still getting a flow of readers from Open Book, and I’ve been wondering how I might help them […]

Porn and the Sacred Heart by one Patrick Sill – in Godspy. Beautifully written, from the heart and soul (and loins), true and that profoundly Christian mystery of pain and hope.  This marvelous passage is not directly related to the […]

The blogger at Lofted Nest – another Fort Wayne-er – reports that Art Bell is on his way to the Catholic Church.

In which we relate the consequences of one man (married, with children) attempting to present the Church’s teaching on sexuality and marriage to participants in a…marriage prep course. First, the scene, set by the instructor: "Well, only 37 of 84 […]

The Boston Herald features him in a story on authors podcasting their novels John has a piece on TCS about Fr. Georges LeMaitre, on the 40th anniversary of his death. I’ve read John’s book on LeMaitre: The Day Without Yesterday: […]

Today is the memorial of these two English Martyrs – Rich Leonardi has an apt quote from our favorite travel writer, H.V. Morton in honor of the day.

Rocco reports that Bishop Carlson is ready to rumble. In love and charity!