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A week or so ago, I blogged on an Italian television show about a priest-detecitve, a show that’s quite popular. A reader writes: We watch Italian Don Matteo in RAI International.  Unquestionably the producer & director are people of real […]

Putting the shopping cart back in the cart corrall in a store parking lot. Take the baby out of the stroller, start walking back to the car. Baby starts saying, "Uh-oh! Uh-oh!" I murmur absently, "I know, cart’s gone. Uh-oh!" […]

A website some of you might want to check out – some Protestants thinking through worship issues in the context of tradition : I wonder if the more recent emphasis on self in worship is one more way of expressing […]

I’ve added a link at the left to Eternal City Tours – the group that sponsors Theology on Tap in Rome, and offers great tours, of course. From their website: Eternal City Tours is comprised of students from some of […]

Because everyone is in O’Hare airport, right this minute. I mean, everyone. And most of you are going to Manchester, UK. At least that what it seems like, anyway!

Linda Hirshman is a writer who has been telling women that staying at home with kids is the biggest sell-out of all. She recently wrote an op-ed in the WaPo describing how mean people have been to her as a […]

Sort of like how the Irish Catholics came to the south building the railroads. Well, sort of – Bentonville, Arkansas’s growing Jewish population is having an impact: This was the most interesting part to me: But as Etz Chaim nears […]

The scenario: Colorado House decides to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Planned Parenthood. The inspiration: A member of the House decides to bring a guest for the day: Gianna Jensen. (Some of you undoubtedly know who she is – a […]

For some bizarre reason, I have been invited to be the keynote speaker for the Diocese of Camden’s "Media Day." So, I guess I’d  better go there. I have four hours or so in the Chicago airport, so you’ll probably […]

Dom has details and commentary – 25 chancery layoffs and 25 other positions cleared by sending priests back into parishes, releasiong religious back to their orders, and so on.