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But I have to pull these two conjoined comments from the Corpus Christi thread, for your attention and discussion: It was the monthly celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Great Chaos, or the bilingual Mass. I’m sorry but […]

and interview a Catholic priest! (Fr. Richard John Neuhuas…and for more Neuhaus, here’s his entry at the FT blog on the election of the new Presiding Bishop.)

From Assumption Grotto in Detroit From the Diocese of Kansas City, Bishop Finn leading. Oh, but we have to cross the sea for just a minute to post the annual baby-jumping Corpus Christi photo from Spain: Caption, credit and explanation […]

From a CNS story: On polarization within the church he said: "We are called to teach the truth, to correct errors and to call one another to greater faithfulness. However, there should be no place in the body of Christ […]

Pulled from the comments: We would appreciate prayers for all who are trying to keep the Classical Anglican blogs running. A few other sites where you might be able to get news should the CaNN server situation not improve right […]

Second one so far: The U.S. Supreme Court said on Monday it would expand its review of a federal law banning some abortion procedures and would decide a California case on whether the law was too vague and imposed a […]

Processions? Other gatherings? Let us know – post links to stories/photos if you have them, and I’ll move interesting photos up here for all to see!

A story from the St. Louis paper on the politicians/Communion business. Since I’ve not read any full statement on this issue, it’s hard to comment, but I’ll suggest offhand that the problem with the bishops’ present "stance" is that it […]

If you’ve noticed that you can’t get on the Episcopal blogs because of server overload…it’s probably because the Diocese of Fort Worth (one of the three that doesn’t ordain women to be priests) has appealed for "alternate oversight" from the […]

Patrick Brennan at Mirror of Justice comments: The website of the USCCB doesn’t yet report what the media are celebrating.  (The aforementioned website does already include news of the Conference’s denunciation of U.S. immigration policy and of the Conference’s approval […]