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Remember the "Vatican condemns everything" document on sexuality and marriage, announced by Cardinal Trujillo of the Pontifical Council for the Family a couple of weeks ago? People (including me) have been wondering what happened to it, for it has become […]

He’s visiting this fall,and Magister looks at some recent hints of the approach: But on that trip, which includes stops in Ankara and Ephesus in addition to Istanbul, Benedict XVI will also encounter Islam, and Turkish Islam in particular. And […]

John Allen’s Word from Rome. He begins by discussing Catholicism in the Global South, with this rather useful analogy: In other words, the central challenge for world Catholicism at the moment is not decline, but growth, and making sense of […]

Earlier this week in Fall River, MA., four people were killed by a fire that engulfed a hall where members of the Portugese community were preparing for a feast. Today, Michael Paulson of the Globe looks at the traditions of […]

Still no text up on the USCCB site, but here’s a summary from Reuters: Pope Benedict’s representative in the United States on Thursday urged Catholic bishops to transform the reputation of a church still tarnished by the nationwide pedophile priest […]

Fr. Z on the draft situation: You get the feeling that this is a game of chicken and we, the Catholic faithful, are standing in the middle of the street. Everyone knows how the votes went.  What we don’t know […]