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Jim Manney posts on the newest twist in bringing publishing to the people: Blurb Customers of a just-launched Web company named Blurb can download professionally-designed templates for various kinds of books, including cookbooks, photo books, portfolios and volumes dedicated to […]

George Weigel’s latest column: Some light was cast on the complexity of all this during a recent conversation I had with one of China’s most prominent Catholic laymen (who, for reasons of prudence, must remain anonymous). He confirmed that there […]

Pulled together by Sylvie at the Papa Ratzinger Forum – for a bigger version and more, go here and scroll down.

Did anyone else watch it on PBS this evening…harkening back to the days when PBS actually did something valuable via Live from Lincoln Center…where many of us got our most sustained initial exposure to opera? My father had seen it […]

Mass translation approved. Roman Catholic bishops in the United States voted yesterday to change the wording of many of the prayers and blessings that Catholics have recited at daily Mass for more than 35 years, yielding to Vatican pressure for […]

No text of the remarks of the Apostolic Nuncio yet, but here’s the text of the address from the Bishop of Leeds, Arthur Roche, chariman of ICEL, to the USCCB: The version of Mass that we currently use is clearly […]

Well, that’s what one of the captions to one of the photos of Corpus Christi in Brazil – although the "rugs" also include coffee, sawdust and other materials.  More photos of other "rugs" in other parts of Brazil, as well […]

In NRO: During the entire nine hours of the conference, none of the speakers I heard discussed how to live chastely while experiencing same-sex attractions. The focus was entirely on the goal of switching sexual orientations. Mike Haley, the director […]

In which I attempt to liveblog Benedict’s homily at the Corpus Christi Mass now being offered outside St. John Lateran in Rome (via the translator) on EWTN, who seems to be paraphrasing. I say this because the Pope goes on […]

In Michigan, the Christian Reformed Church is talking about Catholics: GRAND RAPIDS — More than 400 years after the Protestant Reformation, the Christian Reformed Church is trying to take back a historic slap against the Catholic Church. It’s not easy. […]