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My son dared me to post this. Oh, that’s nothing – you want some pop culture weirdness? Try this! (Via one of those gossip blogs) (And…is Chuck Norris a Buddhist or an evangelical now? We saw him at the Christian […]

There are two newsworthy Christian gatherings in the US this week : The Episcopal Church in the USA (ECUSA) General Convention, being held in Columbus and the June meeting of the US Catholic bishops, meeting in LA later this week. […]

A quite interesting piece from an Italian magazine, posted at (of course) the Papa Ratzinger Forum – one the hope that Pope Benedict will be able to visit Moscow. Benedict XVI’s road to Moscow goes through Poland. One development in […]

Magister on the "new evangelization" at the cathedral in Milan. Now, who knows if this is all they’re up to, how selective Magister is in the telling, and so on. Even with those cautions, I’m having a hard time visualizing […]

The Chicago Tribune profiles the chancellor for the Archdiocese of Chicago: The crisis began with the arrest of Rev. Daniel McCormack, accused of sexually abusing two boys. Then came allegations that the church did nothing to stop him. More boys […]

From the Ship-of-Fools website What books did the congregation use during the service?The aforementioned missal was available, but most people didn’t seem to be using anything – nor did they seem to be participating, but rather were "hearing mass", to […]

Rock group fans take credit for seminary vandalism: The site was set up last month to promote a National Day of Slayer on June 6. To participate, according to the site, one had only to play Slayer "at full blast." […]

From a reader: Amy, back in April (in the context of DVC) you ran a post about a Director of RE who decided to offer a course in Biblical Greek, and it was the most popular course she had ever […]

A TIME article on a small, but growing network of conservative college women. How to deal with the rise of NeW is on the agenda at this week’s National Women’s Studies Association Conference. On Thursday, a panel will discuss how […]

The Church in Vietnam: The Church leader noted that he has ordained 150 priests over an eight-year period, but during the same time almost 100 priests died, retired or became unable to do regular pastoral work due to illness. A […]