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The kind of thing that interests me: The relics of St. Claude la Colombiere will be touring Ireland during June and July. From an article in the Sunday Independent (not online): HE WAS the saintly priest to whom Therese of […]

Several good recent posts (as per usual) from Mike Aquilina – on the Trinity, how Jesus is saving publishing, and a recent archaelogical discovery in Spain: Talk about paydirt. Archeologists in the Basque Country announced this week that they have […]

Greg Willits of the podcast Rosary Army writes with some news: I know you’ve mentioned Fr. Roderick’s podcast on your website before, and I just wanted to let you know that Father Roderick coming to Atlanta next week and will […]

Reader Clare passes this on: Further to your post on the LA Times family of 16, BBC Radio’s feature ‘Composer of the Week’ is Bach, father of 20! (repeated June 12th thru 16th). I just relaxed this Sunday afternoon for […]

An op-ed by Paul Ginnetty, director of the Institute for the Study of Religion at St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue, in Newsday, detailing the author’s views on the problems in the Diocese of Rockville Center. The first order of business […]

Be practical. A NYTimes article on how job recruiters are using the internet to weed out the irresponsible and immature. In other words: watch out what you put on your MySpace, Xanga and Facebook. Good for forwarding to young people […]

Bishop Wuerl says good-bye to Pittsburgh today, and Ann Rogers pens a farewell article: Those are the same words others use to describe much of his ministry. Most attention focused on his most dramatic efforts: The reorganization that closed 39 […]

Archbishop Dolan offers a Mass of Reparation: Located in southern Washington County, the 150-year-old shrine was owned by the Milwaukee Archdiocese until 1906. It now belongs to a separate Roman Catholic order known as the Discalced Carmelite Friars. He told […]

And, to lift the depression by the preceding entry…a very nice story from the LA Times about a family with 16 children. I loved this detail: "Eight years old was the magic age," said Jerome Santucci, 33. "You got a […]

A growing outrage (finally) about human trafficking at the World Cup – some articles on the subject. From today’s WaPo, a column by two people associated with an anti-human trafficking group: From our experience as service providers for victims of […]