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January 1, 1970 Archives

An interesting inside-baseball journalism story with a Catholic angle: G. Jefferson Price wrote for the Baltimore Sun for decades before he left in 2004. Upon his leaving, he entered into a relationship with Catholic News Service, in which he would […]

Canadian priest blogger Thomas Dowd writes: I do believe I’ve just become the first Catholic priest to post a video homily on YouTube. 🙂 I normally post audio files of homilies, but as it was First Communions a member of […]

Dimitri Cavalli has an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post – "Was Pius XII really Hitler’s Pope?" Pope Benedict’s recent visit to Auschwitz helped rekindle the controversy over the actions of Pope Pius XII during the Holocaust. Although some Jewish leaders […]

Paragraph Farmer Patrick O’Hannigan examines blogger Eric Muller’s "analysis" of the Pope at Auschwitz Muller, however, sees insult where none was intended, lamenting the alleged “degradation” of identifying Judaism as the taproot of Christianity, as though the effort to eliminate […]

In Georgia, a Catholic OB-GYN coordinates an effort to collect umbilical-cord blood: For the past five years Dr. Gerry Sotomayor of BFL has collected umbilical cord blood from newborns, sending it to cord blood public registries to help patients worldwide […]

The Pontifical Institute for the Family issued a document today: The Pontifical Council for the Family, founded 25 years ago by John Paul II with the Motu Proprio "Familia a Deo Instituta," and presided by Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, today […]

Fr. Z finds a theme: A common element in Rome’s conflict with the PCA and the SSPX are their illicitly consecrated, excommunicated bishops.  More importanly, however, they are also deeply mired in the matter of religious liberty in one way […]

No auxiliaries for St. Paul-Minn, but 3 for Brooklyn. English news wire isn’t out yet, but here it is in Italian: Il Mons. Octavio Cisneros, del clero della medesima diocesi, Rettore della "Cathedral Seminary Residence of the Immaculate Conception" […]

Whose silence? Now, though, Benedict has actually said something. He said more or less what I did after visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau — and before that, Treblinka, and afterward, Buchenwald and Terezin. He said what I said after reading a shelf of […]

The forthrightness of this piece from a Ugandan website intrigued me: get busy, people, and make it easier for the pilgrims! By declaring them martyrs and declaring June 3 a public holiday in their honour, government and church, respectively, have […]