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Gashwin Gomes (blogging from India for the summer) has thoughts and more links related to Christianity, the Global South and Philip Jenkins.

The subject: One of the themes of discussion was how the moderate voices in all the world’s major religions need to stand up to religious extremism in all its forms." He said that Mr Blair, who is Anglican, "underscored that […]

Several review articles for you today. From William Doino: In light of the discussion over the Holy Father’s  visit to Auschwitz, I thought you and/or your readers might be interested in my 2003 interview with the esteemed British historian Sir […]

Let’s see…Bishop Lennon was installed in Cleveland on May 15. News comes that FutureChurch, founded and located in Cleveland has been told to vacate the church property in which it’s headquartered. Note: Despite the fact that this was a cached […]

The spring of 2000 was landmark madness. We celebrated three sacraments – Michael and I got married, Katie received her First Communion, and David was confirmed. And starting it all off, Christopher graduated from high school and drove off in […]