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Later this week in Rome, an enormous gathering of representatives of the "new movements" will take place  – it’s Pentecost 2006, the second such gathering. The first was in 1998, with John Paul II. Here’s the website for the event […]

From the June issue of Touchstone, an article on recent statements about evolution, etc. from various Catholic luminaries: In a telephone interview given after the Times article appeared, Schönborn said that although his article had not been vetted by the […]

You’re going to want to discuss this one – it’s from NCR(eporter), and it’s a rather startling, honest reflection on a year spent working with the Christian Appalachian Project in eastern Kentucky. (Comments closed, though, ’til Wednesday night. You know […]

I’m just going to clean out my email box and post all the great links you folks have passed along here. Then when I get home, we’ll start all over again since, I hope, my brain will back in business […]