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January 1, 1970 Archives

…you could say it’s Joseph and Jesus. You could. (Note – the listing is now much simpler than before. It now ID’s the statuette properly – as Joseph and Jesus. But the original description id’d it as Jesus and "Sarah" […]

I will post more on the Pope’s last day and a half in Poland, once more news stories and texts are put on the web. But for the moment, I’ll say this: It was a most astonishing moment. As Benedict […]

Roger Ebert hears from the Code-philes. Q. Why did you refer to the novel The Da Vinci Code as a "preposterous" work of fiction, yet fail to label the Bible as such? Do you honestly believe the Bible is a […]

The LA Times picks up the story about the kneeling wars in an Orange County parish This has been extensively discussed on many Catholic blogs, and the LATimes story gets most of it right, although it is a little light […]

The portion of yesterday we spent in Windsor, Ontario was uneventful – the Canadian border officer was quite meticulous about our passports and our business going over. The US immigration officer was a little less meticulous, and fairly uninterested in […]

Magister on some recent appointments: As the new prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, the pope has called an Indian, cardinal Ivan Dias, 70, who has been archbishop of Bombay for ten years, but before that served […]