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Had a lovely talk at St. Anastasia parish here in Troy, Michigan – many thanks to DRE Patty Chase and pastor Fr. John Riccardo – like all of the parishes I’ve been privileged to visit recently, it seems as if […]

Go visit Christopher Johnson’s Midwest Conservative Journal..and read about a clergy sex scandal. Episcopal church this time. Massive cover-up. Not so hard when the perp’s brother and father are both bishops…

The big attention-getting issue at the June gathering of the USCCB will be the vote on the new translation of the Order of the Mass. Much discussion of this already, particularly since the link of Cardinal Arinze’s rather sharp note […]

I’ve noted the existence of a an entertaining and informative forum The Papa Ratzinger Forum – which is particularly valuable for the translations of foreign news and commentary. I should have also noted the existence of a similar place, run […]

In The Tablet, Gerald Renner writes on Fr. Maciel: The complaints about sexual abuse first surfaced in the 1990s when nine former members of the Legionaries went public with their complaint that they had been abused by Maciel as seminarians […]

Yesterday, in his address to clergy, Benedict spoke at length about the identity and calling of the priest. However, more attention in the long run will probably be paid to this passage: On the occasion of the Great Jubilee, Pope […]

In his homily today in Warsaw, Benedict spoke of the truth of the Gospel – how the Church protects this truth, how it is faithfully handed down, and how the core of responding to that truth is in love: Every […]

It was rainy: For many, many more news service photos click here.

The main events today for the Pope’s visit to Poland are/were: Mass in Warsaw, a visit to the Jasna Gora shrine – In 1384, Ladislaus of Opole, a prince of the Jagiellonian dynasty, built a special chapel to house the […]

Apple Dei – clever. And as Nancy says – you don’t even have to be a Mac person to appreciate it.