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January 1, 1970 Archives

Friends/family have updated Fr. Todd Reitmeyer’s blog with details of arrangements for both Texas and South Dakota. From the Sioux Falls diocese website

Gashwin Gomes is home for the summer and reports on DVC encounters he’s had, as well as the Indian Church’s response (Sony agreed to a 15-second disclaimer for India) So, guess what the sweet white-haired Indian auntie and the middle-aged […]

From earlier today: The greatness of Christ’s priesthood can make us tremble. We can be tempted to cry out with Peter: "Lord, depart from me, for I am a sinful man" (Lk 5:8), because we find it hard to believe […]

Raging anti-religionist Christopher HItchens has a deeply traditional Anglican brother, Peter, whose latest for the Daily Mail takes some bishops to task: Here’s what we should really be worrying about: the dismal conditions of the British ‘poor’ are often the […]

Ed Peters reviews a new website: Msgr. Cormac Burke is an Irish priest of the prelature Opus Dei, a member of the Irish bar, professor of modern languages, and a prolific theological author. More than all of these, though, Msgr. […]

Comments on the season finale – and the entire past season of Lost? There are a lot of levels to figure out here – the technicalities of exactly what is going on with the island – does the mystic/vaguely spiritual/redemptive  […]

An intriguing note for those of us who study the ebbing and flowing of ethnic churches in the US throughout the past century or so – the USCCB has a note that there have been ongoing conversations between the RC […]

Catholic Wisconsin Governor stays on the embryo destruction train: Gov. Jim Doyle broke with Wisconsin’s two most prominent Catholic bishops on Wednesday, bluntly telling them he would not rethink his strong support of embryonic stem cell research. "While I appreciate […]

In Spokane: The Catholic Diocese of Spokane is selling its bishop’s office building to raise money to pay victims of clergy sex abuse. The diocese has retained Keen Realty, a Great Neck, N.Y., company that specializes in representing companies in […]

Interesting…The bishop of Lafayette, LA walked out of a Catholic high school graduation because the audience wouldn’t shut up. Most high school graduations that I’ve been involved in constantly fight this problem – it’s not just cheering, it’s bullhorns, screaming, […]