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Okay, starting some time tomorow, I’m going to start requiring TypeKey registration for commenters. Nothing extremely negative is going on, but I just have an intuition that this would be a good time to start. My daily hits have increased […]

LaSalle Academy in Philadelphia…educating the poorest of the poor. From the reader who passed it on, who also noted that tuition is $200 a year. Today I visited the LaSalle Academy in Philadelphia’s poorest (yet most gentrified) nieghboorhood.  I was […]

Vowing to not post any more on DVC, the media continues to thwart me – today it was the Diane Rehm show, which today featured in the discussion: Desson Thomson, movie critic for the Washington Post Jay Tolson, US News […]

A new angle: To protect Vermont’s 128 parishes and missions from "unjust attack," Burlington Bishop Salvatore R. Matano has placed each under a charitable trust. That means the titles to all parishes, once in the name of the Roman Catholic […]

A reader thought we might be interested in discussing this: Holy Rosary parish in Indianapolis is a traditionally Italian parish, and also home to a thriving Indult Tridentine liturgy, with the full support of the Archbishop. This past weekend, the […]

The discussion regarding the invitation to prayer and penance extended by the Vatican to Fr. Maciel, founder of the Legionaries of Christ, rages, thanks in part to the lack of clarity about exactly why Fr. Maciel has been invited to […]

Mary Ann Glendon’s article in First Things: Good-faith anxieties about large-scale immigration are sometimes expressed in terms of social costs, such as a feared deleterious effect on the nation’s cultural cohesion or the stability of local communities. One would like […]

It’s fallen off the main page, but do consider visiting and adding to the Your DVC Moment post. Oh, and – review of the day: I must say that, though I have recited the Nicene Creed throughout my adult life, […]

Until this afternoon. I am talking to a couple of classes at Katie’s school – on how to use the Catechism and the Compendium and then about certain other topics, like a movie that came out this past weekend. Sigh. […]

1) I’m going to start holding back comments posted overnight for approval. I might start requiring Typekey  so be ready! 2) Links from the email box: – A great new Byzantine Rite Catholic blog – a group blog with several […]