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January 1, 1970 Archives

Audio of a joint lecture/discussion with N.T. Wright and Anne Rice. Haven’t listened yet, but I will soon.

I am curious as to why a woman would have such misogynist attitudes toward women and marriage. I speak of you. Do you consider yourself defiled? Would sexual union with you be  a defiling act? You will of course deny […]

Nice story about a St. Meinrad monk Vinson hopes to be the archabbey’s beekeeper for a long time. "You can draw an interesting parallel from it. A monk is a student until death. So is a beekeeper." The monk often […]

Love, Cardinal Arinze The attention of your Bishops’ Conference was also recalled to the fact that Liturgiam authenticam was issued at the directive of the Holy Father at the time, Pope John Paul II, to guide new translations as well […]

His roundup – not much insider stuff, but a summary: More round-up of news and commentary at American Papist. And finally, Diogenes at Catholic World News has sober thoughts: Those inclined to believe Maciel innocent haven’t been done any favors […]

Religious freedom, please: While protecting the right of each citizen to profess and practice his or her faith, they also facilitate efforts to build bridges between minority communities and Indian society as a whole, and thus foster national integration and […]

From the UK, a story about a mother who was told that her unborn baby had Down’s Syndome, and was urged to abort- at 35 weeks, no less. We don’t know what we’d do without him – he’s so adored," […]