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…er, I mean Parma, Ohio. Surrounded by golden domes and gorgeous mosaics – unfortunately all the churches are locked, so I can’t see the insides, but the exteriors are wonderful enough. Just stopped in to say that I will be […]

as rumored…Wuerl to DC Also, the BIshop of Little Rock, Peter Sartain, has been named to Joliet. Remember…comments closed until late tonight, when I return. That’s what I get for scheduling a talk on a Tuesday (traditional day of announcement […]

Faith of Our Fathers is a collection of essays – many (if not most) of them originally published in The Tablet in some form, I believe. Duffy is the English historian known to many, even over here, for his groundbreaking […]

Jay Anderson has a very nice post about her – (occasioned by her recent memorial) – spiced up by photos he took on a recent trip to Norwich. Hmmm….next trip? (Nah, actually, I’m thinking  Montreal and Quebec City and a […]