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This, via Zadok – Nigerian mega-Christianity meets….the Ukraine? Pastor Sunday Adelaja’s a big success in Kiev: Alarmed at his burgeoning congregation, the Church has launched a counter attack, seeking to portray Mr Adelaja as a charlatan. "Our main problem is […]

Go to The Shrine of the Holy Whapping for several posts on new church designs coming down the road – I was delighted to see that one of them is for St. John Neumann in Farragut, Tennessee (which is basically […]

Michael has an excellent podcast up – it’s about 26 minutes long, and is available at this spot for downloading or listening right on the computer. Pass the word…if we really want to use DVC to help folks go more […]

A review of a new book on Auden and Christianity All these deviations from orthodoxy had something in common, however. They all flowed from Auden’s passionate belief that Christianity, rightly understood, was the truest of the great world religions because […]

Named by the Pope Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday named a new bishop for Vietnam, a country that lacks ties with the Vatican but has the second highest number of Catholics in Southeast Asia. Relations between the Holy See and […]

Michael Liccione offers a good summary of the current state of the discussion re/AIDS, condoms and married people. Rumors abound that the Pope is preparing to rule on this question. I state in advance my resolution to adhere, with religious […]

An odd, whirlwind 24 hours or so. (And speaking of travel, pray for Mark Shea – he was supposed to be in Ireland now on a DVC speaking tour, but has been delayed twice and is giving it another shot […]

Also via the St. Peter’s website, a great interview with art historian Elizabeth Lev stpetersbasilica.orgAny personal experiences in St. Peter’s that you’d like to share? Elizabeth LevSt. Peter’s is the site of my reversion I’d have to say. I grew […]

Today is the 25th anniversary of the assassination attempt on John Paul II. Michael notes that the spot, which was previously marked only by a faintly reddish cobblestone in the square, is now marked with a plaque (Fr. Z, who […]

From the Ambassador from Taiwan to the Vatican, who recently converted What is there in the Christian faith that is missing from Chinese culture that made you convert and get baptised? I did not adhere to any religion before. Like […]