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Readers will remember the situation of Jeremy Hand, adult son of Traditional Catholic Reflections’ Stephen Hand. Jeremy has suffered severe brain damage, was considered "hopeless," but now his father reports: Today we got a call from the acute care facility […]

A disability-rights advocate writes in the UK Guardian Assisted dying is not a simple question of increasing choice for those of us who live our lives close to death. It raises deep concerns about how we are viewed by society […]

Closing arguments in the Toledo murder trial today, with the prosecution backing off from the Satanic connection: The murder of a nun 26 years ago was sparked by a priest’s career disappointment, not devotion to Satan, a prosecutor asserted in […]

Want to know how wrong DVC is? Share the word with your friends and neighbors? Educate yourself by checking out some of Mike Aquilina’s Top 20 Books on Early Christian History.

An odd duck, that Bishop Finn. NCR has put up another of its pieces from this week up, available for non-subscribers As a new coadjutor bishop, Finn made a round of visitations to the diocese’s five regions. In homilies he […]

Here’s a few places where I’ve got pieces on DVC. Nothing new to long-time readers, but perhaps something to pass on. I’ve got a two-parter on Mary Magdalene up at the Busted Halo website now At Catholic Match: How to […]

So Dark the Con of Man. So Dark the Con of Man. It looks like I’m getting about a couple of hits a minute searching for that. So… Seek the Truth! Update:  What is up? This is getting bizarre. Did […]

*whispers* I really liked John Cornwell’s new book. *ducks* Cornwell, as many of you know, is the author of lots of books, including the last three (Hitler’s Pope, Breaking Faith and The Pontiff in Winter) which have been widely and […]

Russian Patriarch is optimistic: With Benedict XVI, relations between the Orthodox Church and the Vatican will change “for the better”. The Orthodox patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias, Alexei II, has once again reiterated his great confidence in, and […]

The pastor of a Chicago-area parish writes in the most recent bulletin: (pdf file, letter is on p. 10) In two weeks, the priests and people of the Archdiocese will gather with Cardinal George and the Auxiliary Bishops in the […]