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The promotion has begun – Hanks on SNL last weekend (I caught the opening monologue), on Letterman, Ron Howard on Leno last night. Barbara Nicolosi watched and noticed something. Leno pressed Howard a few times about the controversy in the […]

I’ve heard, here and there, of folks planning to picket The Da Vinci Code. Ron Howard says "Thanks!" A protest serves no purpose but to help the protesters feel as if they are doing something, and to build PR for […]

In a post below, questions have been raised about the DVC claim about millions and millions of women being burned as witches, etc. As I understand it, this claim does make its way into the film, so here’s the truth: […]

Magister’s take: A year earlier, on October 1, 2000, John Paul II had beatified 120 Chinese martyrs at St. Peter’s Square. And the Chinese authorities had protested stridently, as if this beatification had been an offense to the Chinese people, […]

The bishops will be having their June meeting in LA. Here’s the agenda: The agenda will include discussion and vote on: extending the annual appeal for the Retirement Fund for Religious beyond 2007, adaptations of the Order of Mass, liturgical […]

First off, Catholic News Service, has sort of surprisingly, run a story on the controversy. The fact that they’ve run it is surprising (considering that CNS does not really seem to like to admit that conflict exists with the Church […]

One of the more interesting gatherings in Rome over the next few weeks will be the Pentecost meeting of the "New Ecclesial Movements" – you know, from Opus Dei to the Neo-Catechumenate to Sant’Egidio. This is an event you’ll want […]

And that’s not a loaded headline? In this week’s edition, NCR(eporter) (based in KC, of course) devotes several articles to Bishop Robert Finn, bishop now for two years (one as co-adjutor). The first two paragraphs: Perhaps nowhere in America has […]