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From the UK Telegraph Now another major chunk of dodgy faction is about to be rolled out in cinemas across the world – yes, it’s The Da Vinci Code. The film’s source, Dan Brown’s multi-million-selling thriller, is choc-a-bloc with seriously […]

Two interesting posts: One on why the Pope celebrates Corpus Christi on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday and the other on reports that the Pope is cutting down meetings with politicians.  (On the former point, Shouts in the Piazza reports […]

Maggie Gallagher on the coming clash: How much of the coming threat to religious liberty actually stems from same-sex marriage? These experts’ comments make clear that it is not only gay marriage, but also the set of ideas that leads […]

Am I the only one that had the experience of hearing asermon on "The Good Shepherd" today based on"Brokeback Mountain"?  I did not know that Jack andEnnis were such good shepherds.  That most have beenfrom the movie, because it wasn’t […]

Yesterday, we went to Mass, and there was a May procession and crowning before Mass in the Church. No little girls – this is a parish with no religious ed, and while children are certainly present, it is not a […]

A bunch of Michigan seminarians are on pilgrimage in the Holy Land – one of them is blogging it. Via American Papist.

Well, our hopes that MI3 might do its part to overwhelm certain other films opening in a couple of weeks have been dashed by pretty wretched opening weekend box office (not surprising, to be honest), but I was intrigued by […]

She passed away yesterday – from her sister: Andrea passed away peacefully a little before 3pm today, with her family and her friends at her bedside. We love her so very much and we are going to miss her terribly. […]

Heh. (From the site of an Australian blogger, artist, teacher and DVC debunker.)

Fr. John Wauck does what I’ve been trying to do in my talks….so much better. Really. This is excellent. Print it out.