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Some Belgian clergy are quite supportive of the causes of immigrants: The Belgian Bishops have opened their churches to illegal immigrants in order to pressurize the Belgian authorities to allow the immigrants to stay in the country. Most of the […]

Great attention being paid to the use of Mozart’s Coronation Mass for Saturday’s Mass at St. Peter’s commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Swiss Guard. Gerald of the Closed Cafeteria has photos and links here. Fr. Z of "What Does […]

In the LATimes story I linked below, there’s a link to a clip from the film, in which Teabing "explains" The Last Supper to Sophie…

Everything went well yesterday, despite potential disaster. The disaster being, of course, that my flight was radically delayed – at first they told us it was the incoming flight being delayed. Okay, we were still on track at that point. […]

A remarkable story from the LA Times about a music festival in Bolivia – one fruit of the reducciones The melodious spirit of this merry Jesuit has been much in evidence here for 10 days as hundreds of musicians from […]

…an approved bishop Tomorrow at 9am, in the Cathedral of Shenyang (Liaoning, north-east China), there will be another episcopal ordination: Fr Paul Pei Junmin will be consecrated as coadjutor bishop of Shenyang by the ordinary bishop, Mgr Jin Peixian. The […]

Where is your proof that what was said in the DA VINCI CODE  is wrong and what about the fact that there are missing gospels from the bible or what about the FACT that the bible is missing parts of […]